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This was super short, but cute and fun. A rhyming script is always nice, and you did well choosing a corgi for the hero. I could see this being stretched into a longer game, given enough costume ideas.

Good job overall.

I know it doesn't mean much at this point, but I noticed some text bubbles would just flash by in an instant and couldn't be read. Also, going in and out of the Credits screen caused the music to start an additional time, could get really noisy, heh.

Such a cute game! I love the little Corgi! I wish the game was longer :)

I wrote about it some more in my blog:

Really fun game! ^-^

I wish there were more combinations and variation, though ._.


We would have loved to add more, but the whole game was made in 20 hours during a game jam so we didn't have a ton of time to work with! XD


CORGI ON A BROOMSTICK! I loved this game :D


it was funny, but the witch talk too fast :)